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Cafe Hours:

Breakfast and Lunch
Monday-Friday 8:30 am- 5:00 pm

Saturday, Sunday & Bank Holidays  9:00-4:00

All food is available for takeaway

- Vegan

Gf - Made with Gluten-free ingredients however, we do use gluten in our kitchen so cannot guarantee no gluten traces

Allergens: G-Gluten, C-Crustaceans, E-Eggs, F-Fish, Mu-Mollusks, S-Soybeans, P-Peanuts, AL-Almonds,
PS-Pistachios N-Nuts, M-Milk, Cy-Celery, MDMustard, SS-Sesame seeds, SP- Sulphites, L-Lupin, WA-Walnut, CN-Cashew nut

8.30 am – 12.00 pm

Homemade Scone €2.70 G (wheat), E, M
butter and homemade chia jam € 0.50

Firehouse Bakery pastries
All butter croissant €2.50 G, E, M
Pain au chocolate/ Almond croissant €2.80 G, E, M, AL

Scrambled egg & cheese croissant €6.50 G (wheat), E, M, SP
With house made relish and spring onions

Portobello breakfast croissant €6.50 G (wheat), E, M
Add fried egg €1.00

Granola, yogurt & compote €5.50 G (Wheat), N, M, CN, AL, SS, WA
Organic oats, seeds, nuts, honey & spices, toasted in organic coconut oil
topped with homemade plum and ginger compote

Coconut & quinoa porridge €5.50 V Gf Al
Served with house-made raspberry and chia jam, toasted coconut flakes & slivered almonds

Little bird veggie sausage roll €5.50 G (wheat), E, SS, S, CN, SY
Mushroom, cashew, and miso wrapped in puff pastry with toasted seeds served with house relish

Lb breakfast burrito €8.00 G (Wheat), M, E,
Crispy potatoes, cheesy scrambled eggs, avocado, house fermented hot sauce, picked yogurt, and lime yogurt 

All day
9:00 am – 4.30 pm

Pao de Queijo € 2.50 / two for €3.50 Gf  M, E 
Warm Brazilian cheese bread served with butter or cream cheese

Cheese toastie €7.00 G (wheat), M, SP
(€9 with a cup of soup) CY
Mature cheddar cheese, spring onion, and homemade tomato relish on toasted sourdough bread

Buddha bowl salad €9.50 V, Gf  S, SS, SP
Red rice, roasted aubergine, artichoke & butterbean hummus, roasted chickpeas red chili, tomato salsa topped tahini dressing, and za’atar

12.00 pm – 4.30 pm

Soup of the day €5.50 V  CY
Served with organic sourdough bread G

Squash empanada €6.50 G (Wheat), M, E
Sage brown butter and chili roasted squash, with garlic and herb stuffing in a flaky pastry, served with house chili jam

Falafel wrap €9.00 V G (wheat), SS, SP (€11.00 with a cup of soup) CY
Homemade fennel seed flatbread, hummus cucumber salad, chili relish, pomegranate, house pickles, dressed leaves, tahini dressing

Charred pepper and hummus ciabatta €8.50 G (Wheat), M, SP (€10.50 with a cup of soup) CY
With goats’ cheese and sweet pickled onion

Miso Noodle Bowl €9.50 P, SY, SS V, Gf
Rice noodles in a miso-peanut & coconut sauce with fresh pak choi, mushroom, and toasted sesame seeds

Saturday- Sunday & Bank Holidays
9:00 am – 3:30 pm


Granola, yogurt & compote €5.50 G, N, M, CN, AL, SS, WA
Organic oats, seeds, nuts, honey & spices, toasted in organic coconut oil topped with homemade fresh plum & ginger compote

Little bird veggie sausage roll €5.50  (G)Wheat M, E, SY, SS, CN
Mushroom, cashew, and miso wrapped in puff pastry with toasted seeds served with house relish

Lb brunch burrito € 8.00  G (Wheat), M, E,
Crispy potatoes, cheesy scrambled eggs, avocado with house fermented hot sauce, pickled onion, & lime yogurt

Stuffed French Toast € 9.00  G (Wheat), M, E, AI
Brioche French toast filled with whipped cream cheese and apple butter served with cinnamon, honey yogurt, and toasted almonds

Sweet potato and black bean tacos € 10.50  M, SP
Roasted sweet potato and crispy black bean, white cabbage, lime pickled onion, roasted arbol salsa and lime yogurt on homemade blue corn tortilla

Mushroom toast € 11.00 G (Wheat), SS, M, SY, SP, HN add a fried egg € 1.00 E
Mix of wild locally sourced mushrooms cooked with confit garlic, thyme, and olive oil served with artichoke puree and toasted hazelnuts

Cakes & Treats

Pistachio / almond friand 2.80 Gf AL,PS,M,E,
Cherry & Pistachio almond cake 4.00 Gf AL,PS,M,E 
Miso peanut butter brownie €4.50 SY P, M, E 

Carrot Cake €4.00
E G, M
Granola Bar 2.90 G(Oats), AL, SS, SP, W, CN
Cranberry & Almond Bliss Balls 2.20 AL
Chocolate-chip cookie 2.20 V G


Ice cream

Simple cone vanilla or strawberry € 2.50 G,E,S,N,M,SP
Affogato € 4.20 E,S,M,SP
Chocolate Cookie Sundae € 5.50 G,E,S,M,SP
Two scoops of Boulabán Irish Vanilla ice cream, homemade chocolate sauce topped
with our chocolate-chip cookie
Ice cream sandwich € 5.50 Gf E,S,M,SP 


Espresso €1.80 / €2.50
Macchiato €1.80 / €2.90
Americano €2.60
Latte / Cappuccino €3.30
Flat White €3.20
Mocha €3.70
*Ask for our iced coffees

Hot Chocolate
Hot Chocolate with milk €3.70
Vegan Hot Chocolate €4.30

Smoothies V €4.50
Mix Berry & banana
Matcha, pineapple & coconut smoothie
Special smoothie of the day
Cold-pressed juices €3.00
Orange, Grapefruit or Apple, pineapple,
lemon & ginger


Pot of Tea €2.80
Wall & Keogh Teas €3.20
Chai, Apple, Mint, Red Rooibos,
Earl Grey, Moroccan Dusk,
Unicorn Tears Rooibos, Lemon & Ginger
Put The Cat Out, Sencha Green
Nu infusion pot of Tea €3.00
Matcha Tea €3.10
Matcha / Chai Latte €3.70
Turmeric Latte €3.50

Soft Drinks
KO Kombucha €4.20
Whole Earth Ginger Beer €2.80
Whole Earth Elderflower €2.80
Whole Earth Cranberry €2.80
Con's Pink Lemonade/Pink Lemonade €2.90
Con's Apple Juice €2.90
Vita coconut water €2.80

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