Takeaway Menus

9.00 am –  5.30 pm

Homemade Scone €2.70 G,E,M
butter and homemade jam €0.60

Granola, yogurt & compote € 5.50 G,N,M,CN,AL,SS
Organic oats, seeds, nuts, honey & spices, toasted in organic coconut oil topped with homemade fresh peach compote

Smoothie of the day €4.00/€4.50 V

Soup of the day €5.50 V
Served with organic sourdough bread

Buddah Bowl €9.50 V SS, SP 
Nutty red rice, avocado, black beans, grilled courgette, pickled kumquat, cherry tomatoes, grilled artichoke, smoked paprika hummus, radish, sugarsnap peas, mixed leaves & tahini dressing

Sandwiches (+ cup of soup) 10 

Falafel, pomegranate & Tahini 8.50 SS, SP G 
In a homemade fennel seed flat bread with cucumber, red pepper salad, chilli relish, baby green leaves topped with Tahini dressing  

Avocado & roast garlic cream cheese 8.50 G,E,M, SP 
In a Firehouse rustic ciabatta roll with crushed avocado, vegetable sprouts, caramelised onion, cucumber, tomato & dill salsa

Cheese toastie €6 ( €8 with cup of soup) G, M
Mature cheddar cheese, spring onion and homemade tomato relish in toasted sourdough bread 

Quiche of the week 8.50 G, M, SP 
served with mixed baby leaves salad 

Cachapas €12.00 V MD SP
Sweetcorn pancake topped with black beans, tomato salsa, guasacasa (avocado sauce) and green leaves

Grilled halloumi and apricot quinoa salad €11.50 M, SP
with baby mix leaves salad, pomegranate, cherry tomatoes, topped with lemon and roast garlic dressing

Homemade seed crackers & grilled artichoke and smoked paprika hummus €5.00 V SP SS

Cakes & Treats

All butter croissant 2.50 G, M, E
Pain au chocolate 2.80 G, M, E
Almond croissant 2.80 G, M, E
Raspberry & Chocolate cheesecake 4.50 G, M, E
Pistachio / almond friand 2.80 AL,PS,M,E,G 
Cherry & Pistachio almond cake (flourless) 4.00 AL,PS,M,E 
Dark chocolate cake (flourless) 4.00 AL,M,E 
Banana Bread 3.50 G,M,E, WA, SP
Cranberry & Almond Bliss Balls 2.20 AL
Chocolate-chip cookie 2.00 V G

V: Vegan
Allergens: G-Gluten, C-Crustaceans, E-Eggs, F-Fish, Mu-Mulluscs, S-Soybeans, P-Peanuts, AL-Almonds,
PS-Pistachios N-Nuts, M-Milk, Cy-Celery, MDMustard, SS-Sesame seeds, SP- Sulphites, L-Lupin, WA-Walnut, CN-Cashew nut



Espresso €1.80 / €2.50
Macchiato €1.80 / €2.90
Americano €2.60
Latte / Cappuccino €3.30
Flat White €3.20
Mocha €3.70

Pot of Tea €2.70
Wall & Keogh Teas €3.20
Nu infusion pot of Tea €3.30
Matcha Tea €3.10
Matcha / Chai Latte €3.70
Turmeric Latte €3.50

Hot Chocolate with milk €3.70
Vegan Hot Chocolate €4.30

KO Kombucha €4.20
Cawston’s Ginger Beer €2.00
Cawson’s Elderflower €2.00
Con's Pink Lemonade €2.20
Con's Apple Juice €2.20
Vita coconut water €2.40


Con's Irish Cider €4.50
Hofbrau Weisse beer €3.60

Dot Brew Amber Ale €4.50
Larkins Pale Ale €3.70
Larkins Helles Lager €3.50

Gypsy Hill Bandit. GF ale €3.00
Whiplash Body Riddle €3.00
5 Lamps Lager €3.20


Il Perline, Prosecco €18.00

WHITE Organic

Vinuva Grillo €14.00
Bardolino, Sicily, Italy

Mesta' Verdejo €15.00
Uclés, Spain,Voila

Assyrtiko €18.50
Lyrarakis, Crete, Greece


Am Berg OTT €24.00
Grüner Veltliner, Austria

Albamar €26.50
Albariño Rías Baixas, Spain

RED Organic

Lombeline €16.00
Côtes du Rhône, France

Torre dei Beati €17.00
Montepulciano, Abruzzo, Italy

Bicicleta Valado €21.00
Tempranillo, Rioja, Spain

Parnanio €24.00
Negroamaro, Puglia, Italy

Chateau Jean Faux €29.50
Bordeaux Superieur, France