Charity Partner


All of the studio income that comes from missed or late-cancelled classes and workshops will go directly to Children in Crossfire.

If you have booked a class and cannot attend, rest-assured that the money will go to a very good cause.

Our charity partner Children in Crossfire has been helping the world’s most vulnerable children and giving them a fresh start in life, since it’s foundation in 1996 by Richard Moore.

They are a small effective charity: 84% of the money they receive goes directly to the projects in Ethiopia and Tanzania.

At 10 years of age Richard was blinded by a rubber bullet on his way home from school. This was Derry 1972. He was shot by a British soldier as he ran past an army lookout. Since then Richard as met and forgiven the soldier.

Richard is a wonderful example of someone who despite (or maybe because of his blindness) sees the best in every situation.

Described as “My Hero” by the Dalai Llama, Richard is a genuine example of what compassion and forgiveness can achieve in this world.