__ Are there changing facilities?

Due to COVID19 we have closed the bathrooms for changing and ask students to come dressed for class

__ Are there shower facilities?

Unfortunately we do not have space for shower facilities.

__ Where do I leave my personal belongings?

Please leave your shoes, coat and bag in the studio hallway. Bring any valuables into the studio with you.
There are cubby holes at the back of the room. Please remember to turn off mobile phones

__ Do I need to bring a mat? 

Due to COVID19 we are asking students to bring their own mats.

__ What should I wear? 

Wear comfortable, light clothing. Bring a warm layer for yoga relaxation, or for yin and restorative classes.

__ What if I’m late?

For the benefit of other students we ask that you try to arrive on time.
The side door is locked once class begins therefore if you are late the teacher will be obliged to stop the class to open the door.

__ Cancellation Policy

For online classes we operate a 2 hour cancellation policy. If you cancel before this, your class credit will be added back to your Mindbody account for future use. If you cancel within 2 hours you will lose your class credit as if you attended.
For courses and workshops we operate a 2 day cancellation policy. If you cancel before this, your credit will be added back to your Mindbody account for future use. If you cancel within 2 days you will lose your credit as if you attended.

__ How big are the classes?

Our new in-studio classes have a max of 6 students. This ensures that each students receives individual attention from the teacher.
These classes are all run as a series of courses to ensure the same 6 people in the group.

__ Is there an age limit?

Yes, you must be 16 to attend an adult yoga class.

__ I’m pregnant, can I attend regular classes?

Yes you can if:*
You are into your second trimester,
Your GP has given you the go ahead,
You have practiced yoga before.
Remember to always inform your teacher that you are pregnant before class.

__ Class Pass Extensions

Almost all of our class passes are valid for a month, with the larger passes priced more competitively. They are designed to encourage the more regular student but not to punish you for missing classes. If you have been ill, or injured, please email us and we will extend your pass.

__ I purchased a pass, signed up to one class and cannot sign into anymore?

Our class passes activate from the first class booked e.g. Feb 1st. If you then try to book a class previous to this date e.g Jan 30th, the system won’t allow it as your pass is valid from the first class booked. To fix this issue simply go ‘my schedule’ on your account, and early cancel your initial booking. You can then start again.