All of our food is made here at the café, using seasonal, organic ingredients when possible. Our menu is vegetarian with vegan options (V), vegan availability (V*) and  Gluten Free (GF) options.

allergen list : 3.egg / 6.milk / 9.nuts / 11.sesame seeds / 12.sulphites / 13.soya / 14.wheat, gluten 

All day menu

AVAILABLE MON-FRI 10:00 – 14:30 ; SAT-SUN 9:00 – 15:00


GRANOLA & YOGURT BOWL €8.00  GF  (6,9:hazelnut & almond)
Served with banana chips, nuts and topped with fresh berries and orange puree

CHILLI SCRAMBLED EGGS* €10.00  (3,6,9:Cashew nut,11,14)
Served with seeds & cashew chilli crisp and spring onions. On toasted sourdough, or with a side salad

OMELETTE €12.50  (3,6,12,14)
Free range eggs filled with spinach, mushrooms and mature cheddar, served with a side salad of the day

POACHED EGGS ON TOAST* €9.50  (3,6,12,14)
Two poached eggs on sourdough toast with whipped feta, rocket, topped with chilli flakes

LITTLE BIRD BURRITO* €13.00  (3,6,12,14)
Cheesy scrambled eggs, crispy potatoes, avocado, homemade hot sauce, coriander, jalapeños, pickled onion and lime yogurt

VEGAN BURRITO* V €13.00  (9:Cashew nut,12,14)
Black beans, crispy potatoes, avocado, homemade hot sauce, coriander, jalapeños, pickled onion and cashew lime cream

AVOCADO CASHEW LIME BUTTER* €13.50    (9:cashew nut,11,12,13,14)
Cashew lime butter, avocado, dressed leaves and tamari seeds, on toasted sourdough

MUSHROMMS ON TOAST* €13.50  V(6,9:hazelnut,12,14)
Sautéed seasonal mushrooms, baby spinach, spiced carrot dip, parmesan cheese & hazelnuts on toasted sourdough, or with a side salad

CHEESE TOASTIE*  €8.5  (6,12,14)
Toasted sourdough, mature white cheddar cheese, house tomato relish, spring onion and pickled cabbage

-add a cup of soup + 3.5

HOMEMADE SOUP OF THE DAY* €7.00  (ask waiter for allergens)
Freshly made vegetable soup served with a slice of tasted sourdough

*Gluten free option available


Sweat treats

subject to availability

PANCAKES €12.5  (3,6,9:hazelnut,12,14)
With fresh seasonal berries, vanilla mascarpone cream, caramelized peach, salted caramel & toasted hazelnuts

FRENCH TOAST* €12.50  (3,6,9:Cashew nut,14)
Brioche, maple syrup, cashew salted caramel, topped with icing sugar

PAN FRIED BANANA BREAD €7.00  V(6,9:Cashew nut,14)
Homemade banana bread, served with butter or homemade cashew butter

*Gluten free option available  



Espresso €2.9/ €3.1
Macchiato €3.0/ €3.2
Americano €3.5
Flat White €3.7
Latte / Cappuccino €3.80
Mocha €4.0
Iced Americano €4.1
Iced Latte/Chai latte €4.6
Iced Mocha €4.6
Oat milk + 0.30
Almond/ Coconut milk + 0.50
House Vanilla/Caramel syrup +0.10

Pot of tea €3.2
Matcha Tea €3.5
Turmeric Latte €4.0
Matcha / Chai Latte €4.0
Wall & Keogh Teas €3.50
(Earl Grey, Red Rooibos, Mint, Lemon & Ginger, Sencha Green, Unicors tears)

Hot Chocolate with milk €4.0
Vegan Hot Chocolate €4.0

(Orange/ grapefruit/ apple, pineapple & ginger/ cucumber, spinach, green apple, lime)

Con’s Apple Juice €3.8
Con’s Sparkling apple juice €3.8
Con’s lemonade €3.8
Whole Earth Cranberry €3.8
All about Kombucha €4.0


served with raspberry or chia jam

PAO DE QUEIJO €3.50  GF  (3,6)
Two Pieces served with butter or cream cheese

MUSHROOM ROLL €5.00  (12,9:almond,14)
Lime dressing  

JAMBONS €4.00  (6,12,14)
Filled with mature cheddar, sundried tomatoes & spinach

FRIAND €3.50  GF  (3,6,9:almond & hazelnut,12)
almond / chocolate & hazelnut / berry)

BROWNIE €3.50  GF  (3,6,9:almond,12)
Chocolate, Miso & peanut butter 

CARROT CAKE €3.50  GF  (3,6,9:almond,12)
Lime dressing

BLISS BALL €2.50  GF,V  (9:hazelnut,12)
Cranberry / almond

COOKIE €2.50 V  (9:almond,12,14)
Sea salt chocolate chip

BANANA BREAD  €3.50 V (3,6,9:almond)

LEMON & BLUEBERRIES MUFFINS  €4.50 GF (3,6,9:almond)

ALMOMD / CHOCLATE & HAZELNUT CROISSANT €3.50  (3,6,9:almond/hazelnut,14)

BUTTER CROISSANT €3.00 (3,6,14)


Kale Eggs Sourdough | Little Bird Cafe Dublin 8
Granola Fruit Bowl | Little Bird Cafe Dublin 8
Avocado Lime Toast | Little Bird Cafe Dublin 8

Fantastic coffee, one of the best in Dublin. Amazing atmosphere, outdoor seating and wide selection of vegan and healthy snacks.”